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And the Winners are...

...everyone who participated, of course, by the Galvorn Awards' own rules (which you can read here, along with the list of nominees in each category)!

Categories which had three or more entries were also formally judged by Finrod and his (un)qualified assistant judges. Here are their choices:

Results of the 2004 Galvorn Awards - Formally Judged CategoriesCollapse )

Congratulations to all! Keep an eye open on this space; we should soon have buttons for all the participants. And don't forget to cast your final vote for Least Qualified Judge over on the Galvorn Awards' website while there's still time to do so!
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Help Wanted!

The Galvorn Awards are in need of another judge for one category (Most Dysfunctional Family). If any of the current judges would be willing to take this one, please let me know.

We may also be in need of two more judges, as I've not yet received final judging results from two people. Anyone who would be willing to pinch-hit for the Galvorns, please let me know!

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(no subject)

Okay, so, like, I have decided that the 'Most Plotless' list of nominations sucks. Pretty much every fic there has plot, or at least 'dramatic tension'. Considering that these awards are set in the Silm fandom, which is built on long pointless musings on The Tragedy Of It All, this seems fishier than a Telerin dinner. Why are all the completely pointless fics being ignored? Could it be because fics with no plot are, in fact, unreadable? (Except for PWPs, of course. Where were all the hot warrior slash PWPs when these nominations were made, hmm? It's all fishier than Ulmo's favourite pants, I tell you.)

In conclusion, unless someone can propose a good hot warrior slash PWP, I suggest that all the 'Most Plotless' Judges should go vote for Tehta's Unstrung. Don't bother reading it: it is a truly horrible fic that got rejected even from HASA, with its low admission standards.
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Only a few months late...

I was actually doing this last week, but just as I was nearly finished the computer froze and (as I naturally hadn't saved) erased all my progress. So I'm having to start again.

Just to get it up and functional, the nominees and poll for Least Qualified Judge are up at

I will endeavour to redo the list of nominees this week, though truth be told, I am more than a little discouraged right now and can't quite bring myself to return to the task. This is probably more than enough reason to vote for me in the least qualified category, isn't it?
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Better Late than Never!

I suspect by now most of you thought I was never going to make this post. Sorry for the delay; blame that pesky thing called Real Life. Anyway, here it is, the moment you've all been waiting for - the final list of nominees for the 2004 Galvorn Awards!Collapse )

Is anyone besides me surprised at some of the categories which received no nominations? Maedhros, your popularity is definitely waning!

("Most Blatant Attempt to Win an Award" will probable return to the list, after I've had a chance to contact the other judges and strong-arm them into nominating a story of their own for this category. Of course, the real fun will come when it's time to decide which one of us will get to judge it!)

As you may or may not remeber, only categories with more than 2 entries will be formally judged by Finrod and his judging team. Here are the categories that qualify for formal judging.Collapse )

That's all the news for now. Stay tuned... the formal judging for these most prestigeous awards will commence very soon!
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This Week's Updates

Told you I'd update the nominations list tonight! Here they are: more worthy entries to our contest!

Several stories have reached their limit of two category nominations, so check here before you nominate a fic, to be sure it's still eligible.

Nominations will be closing soon, so get busy! You've still got time to enter a few more worthy Silmfics, if you hurry.

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Latest Updates are Up!

Only two this time, but they're both good ones. Here they are!

Time is running out to nominate stories; the judging will be beginning in early December. And there are so many lovely categories without a single entry in them yet! So take some time now and nominate a few fics. Finrod will thank you.

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This Week's New Nominees!

You guys did a frighteningly good job of locating worthy fics this week! Here are the latest additions to the growing list of Galvorn nominees. We've still got planty of room for more stories, though, and some categories still don't even have a single fic entered, so keep sending those nominations in!

Several more fics have reached their two-category limit, so check here before you nominate a story to make sure it's still eligible.